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Ann and Brian Barbata from "Golden Bee Candleworks"

Golden Bee Candleworks is a family owned business located in the beautiful Eel River Valley, about two cow pastures east of the Victorian Village of Ferndale. Brian Barbata (my husband) handcrafts each candle individually, and has been a commercial beekeeper for thirty-five years. Ann Barbata (me) retiree from teaching wo work with Brian as the bookkeeper and chief gofer of the business.

Our candles are pure beeswax, with no additives, and the wicks are 100% cotton wicking.l Beeswax has long been considered a sacred wax because of its naturally sweet scent, cliar bright flame, and lon burning time. Beeswax releases a flow of negative ions as it burns, which actually helps clean the air. When you purchase a Golden Bee candle, you are supporting a clean healthy environment, local beekeeping, and a small locally owned family business.

Golden Bee Candleworks, Fig Twig Market, Ferndale Victorian Village  Ca, shabby chic, vintage, up-cycled, reclaimed, junk, www.figtwigmarket.com

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