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Penny Renner from "The Rustic Penny"

I am the creator of The Rustic Penny, a nurse and a farmer’s wife. Waste was all around and I wanted to find a way to reduce the carbon footprint. On the ranch, we were tossing an average of 6-8 large plastic feedbags a week in the landfill. So my many years of sewing and my love to recycle/re-purpose came together in October of 2013. Quickly the word spread of my farmer’s market bags and the demand for the lined recycled feedbags with the strong cotton handles became overwhelming. I jokingly told my husband, "Saving the world, one bag at a time." And so The Rustic Penny was created out of a desire to reduce waste. And the recycling, re-purposing doesn’t stop there. I love finding an old, dirty, bound for the landfill treasure and restore it to a new life. To see more creations please visit The Rustic Penny on Facebook or give me, Penny Renner, a call at 498-1700. I am looking forward to meeting everyone at the 2014 Fig Twig Market.

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