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Diane Samuelson from "Moon Shadow Designs"

My name is Diane Samuelson and I have loved art my entire life. All through school art was my favorite time in school. My love of photography began in high school. I took a photography class my senior year. Many days I cut all my other classes and spent the entire day in the photo lab. My teacher must have known that I had other classes, but she let me do it.

I moved to Humboldt County in 1973. During my time as an art major at HSU, I was the photo lab assistant. I spent most of my time taking photos, and all my extra money on film and paper. Ellen Land-Weber was the professor who truly influenced me, and helped me develop my eye. I baby-sat her daughter, and would take her photographs as payment, rather than money. In the late 1970’s I added a second major, Child Development, to my studies. Upon graduating I landed a job as a preschool director in Trinidad. Five years later I returned to school and earned my elementary credential. I taught kindergarten at Ferndale elementary for twenty-six years, retiring in 2012.

About twenty years ago while camping, a friend taught me how to make beaded earrings. That was the start of my jewelry making. It has evolved since then. I now buy the best materials I can, using sterling for most pieces and gun metal for the more trendy ones. Everywhere I go I seek out materials and ideas. Someone once asked me why I do fairs. I pondered the question, then replied “For the affirmation that I have created something that someone else wants.

I'm not sure where the name Moonshadow came from, unless I'm channeling Cat Stevens. I love the imagery of the moon in shadow and it conjures up silvery lighting for me.

I enjoy creating custom pieces. A client gives me a sense of what they want and I get to create it. I have done custom bridesmaids jewelry for a few weddings, including my own. I can be contacted at dianeesam@gmail.com.

Moon Shadow Designs, Fig Twig Market, Ferndale Victorian Village  Ca, shabby chic, vintage, up-cycled, reclaimed, junk
Moon Shadow, Fig Twig Market, Ferndale Victorian Village  Ca, shabby chic, vintage, up-cycled,

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