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Rita Carter-Hefley from "Grandpa's Sports Coats & More"

My name is Rita Carter-Hefley

My business is, “These are your

Grandpa’s Sports Coats & More”

I make repurposed accessories from clothing & fabric hanging around in thrift stores, yard sales, & closets, or my stash.

I was unsuccessful in an effort to make something I found in an Altered Couture magazine, & not wanting the waste the suit coats I bought, I started brainstorming all kinds of ideas for using, & reusing some of that great fabric

I have been sewing clothing since I was taught by my grandma for my 11 year old birthday. I call it my gift that’s lasted a lifetime. I have been re-purposing for several years, my beginnings with denim jeans & taking apart old sweaters for the yarn.

I love coming up with creative ideas to give old things new life. I believe these castaways still have more usefulness other than as moth food, to grow musty in the back of a closet, or to end up in landfills. There was great pride in making these old suit coats, & to relegate them to “un-use,” I feel, is beneath the dignity of this fine fabric. Every one of those coats have a story to tell. I have found in pockets, funeral programs, church programs, concert programs, hankies. I love to imagine the story behind the coat.

The ability to be creative, to see a piece of old clothing & imagine it’s new possibilities. To know that I am keeping a piece of our textile heritage alive & updated. I love the ability to create something from a big old piece of fabric.

I usually only do the local craft fairs, hoping someday in my retirement years, to make this my full time job. But for now people can connect with me at the craft shows or by email at radicalrita@sbcglobal.net

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