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Tanya and Todd from "If"

Hi there, we are a new store to Old Town, Eureka called, "If". We sell, "Inspired Vintage Interiors", that is, we carry items for your home that have been re-purposed, up-cycled, or just rescued from a lonely garage. We believe in a philosophy of useful and lovely; if it is still useful and needs some, 'lovely', we do that! I'm Tanya, co-owner along with my husband, Todd. We chose to name our store after the poem, "If", by Rudyard Kipling. It was my grandfather's favorite poem, in fact he paid kids to memorize and recite the poem ever since my mom was a kid. The poem reminds people to be strong, be kind, and to live a life of virtue. We wanted our store to not only pass along the words of Kipling, but to live by them also. "If" is also a great word, "what if...". It inspires me- to wonder, to create, to imagine. I have always had an obsession with decorating and creating things, often re-arranging rooms weekly... just to get it 'right'! My kids will tell you, after creating the scene for a party (which takes a bit of obsessive channeling), I can be found, 'greeting the guests'... "Hello, thank you for coming" - and this is well before they even get there. That's really how I know I'm done; I imagine how others will feel in what I've created My husband and I share a passion for the antique and vintage flavor of life. It's what drew us to this type of business, but more than that, is a passion for design and a desire to feel delighted in our surroundings that makes this venture so exciting! We continuously create new items and bring new things to our store which reignites the flavor instantaneously. You can't get bored when you're either brainstorming a new light made from barn garbage or putting a fresh paint color on a dreary chest of drawers. It's exciting to see an unappetizing piece of well-made furniture become vibrant, and thus can continue on its purpose of being well-made! We look forward to sharing our passion for ingenuity, recycled beauty, and the perfectly patina'd. We hope to inspire and be inspired, constantly providing different ways to fall in love with your home. Of all the places your heart takes you to shop, we hope to be on that list!

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