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Candice Trask and Sheryl Morrison from " The Shutter Sisters"

"The Shutter Sisters" are not really sisters, but we really are friends, we are wives and most important, we are mothers. We started adding up our accumulative crafting years on our fingers and toes and then pulled out the old calculator and realized it was nearly 85 years! Sheryl's first project was to whittle her grandfather a pair of wooden teeth, from a strong white oak limb....Ok, that may be stretching things a little. 😉 We are Candice Trask and Sheryl Morrison, we met years ago during our retail careers. Sheryl was the owner of the much loved Baa Baa sheepskins store, and Candice a manager at Mervyn's...Open, Open, Open. We both had since retired from major retail, but continued to craft various items on our own. Decor, jewelry, a house or two. Hey, When it's in your blood, it's in your blood. We proudly adopt the tattered, abandoned and even landfill bound pieces. We redesign, refurbish and breathe life back to those pieces. We share a passion for using the unexpected, be it a weathered, falling apart, husband eye rolling relic..or a fine antique. Both make us smile and mutter the words, YOU KNOW WHAT I CAN DO WITH THIS! Followed up usually by the other persons puzzled look of.... I can't even imagine. Challenge accepted! On a whim 3 years ago, we joined forces for the first Fig Twig. We had a great time! Loved meeting the people, fed off each other's zany sense of humor and creative ease. After all, when one takes themselves too seriously, creativity is usually the first to suffer. If you have ever shopped our booth or store, you quickly realize the need to slow down and take it all in. We always add a dash of this and a splash of that. Variety is the spice of life, or in our case the secret to a great display. We are excited to have recently partnered with BLOSSOMS FLORIST on the corner of 5th & B Streets in Eureka. The store is rich with unique decor, fresh flowers and a home like atmosphere. We would love to have you stop in, and hope you get as much joy from our little shop as we do. As always, we are looking forward to this years Fig Twig market, and don't worry ladies, we have many unique items stashed away, just waiting to make their first debut. Candice & Sheryl The Shutter Sisters

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