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Golden Bee Candleworks

We are Brian and Ann Barbata, and we own and run the small, local business called Golden Bee Candleworks. Brian has been a beekeeper for almost forty years,and loves being outdoors, observing not only the bees, but all the plants and animals around his bee yards. He is very proud of the quality of honey his bees produce, and he enjoys pollinating local and not so local crops, such as apples, cherries, and almonds. I am Ann, and I enjoy making the candles with Brian. I love the smell of the wax, and pouring the candles, watching the dark gold stream of beeswax harden into lovely shapes, and yet the candles are so practical.

We do not have a website, because I am so bad at the upkeep. But anyone can email me at goldenbee.annie@gmail.com, or call me at (707) 786-4382. I am very responsive to emails and phone calls. We are also at all the Christmas craft fair at Redwood Acres, and the Winter Arts Festival in Redway.

Enclosed is a sample of our careful craftsmanship.

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