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Grandpa's Sport Coats & More

My name is Rita Carter-Hefley. My business is, These are your Grandpa’s Sports Coats & More. I enjoy making all kinds of accessories from old clothing, giving them a new purpose in life. I am going on my 4th year of creating these items, and still enjoy doing it very much. It is a blessing & a joy for me to create a good quality product from items that either hang in thrift shops, in the back of closets, are feeding moths, or filling landfills. I started this venture with the intention of developing a future for myself when I retire from my full-time job within the next decade. As I looked for suitable fabrics to produce some of the ideas I had, I noticed that many of the fabrics of today just didn’t seem to have the quality that the vintage fabrics do. As I started working with the old clothes, I found so much potential for them to become a thing of updated beauty rather than remaining unused, & outdated, relegated to a life of dust collecting. I mainly make hats & purses, but I am hoping to do even more in the future as my ideas are bursting at the seams to be let loose. Until that time comes, I will continue to develop my passion for sewing-being creative & resourceful, honored to have been given a skill that brings me such enjoyment. Email is the best way to contact me at radicalrita@sbcglobal.net

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