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I am Martha Giotes of Martha's Pottery. I have always been involved with art and designing but on a personal basis only. I love oil painting and making things with my hands. I had been retired for five years from a career in nursing when I came across a ceramics class. I found that the creative possibilities are endless and the variations of designs and color limitless. I enjoy making each piece a new design. You will see this in my work which consists of a variety of things such as mugs and bowls to ceramic jewelry to sculptural wall pieces. No two pieces are alike although some are similar in design an color. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoyed creating each piece. I've been on the learning curve now for 5 years and still find the creative options an exciting challenge. You can see the variation of my designs on my web page, MarthasPottery.com. Some of my current pieces are for sale on Etsy.com/shop/MarthasPottery. I can be reached at MarthasPottery@gmail.com.

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