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My name is Alisha Watson, I am a Humboldt County native, born and raised in Manila ca. I am the mother of two daughters Abigayle, age 11 and Kiarra, age 9.

I am the owner of Luxury Candles, a local candle company that makes all natural soy candles and the best part is there is hidden cash inside every candle!

I started Luxury Candles in late May 2015, so I have only been in business for about five months. My daughters and I came up with the idea to put cash in the candles after we had purchased a few of the candles that have rings inside. We started talking about other things that would be fun to find and cash just seemed like an excellent idea. Our company hasn’t been in business very long but we have been at many of the local festivals as well as Clovis Fest in Clovis CA., our Candles are for sale at the Linen Closet in Old Town Eureka, we have a website where you can purchase our items www.luxurycandles707.com and we also have an ETSY store where you can also purchase our candles

www.etsy.com/shop/LuxuryCandle707 we would also like to invite you to like our facebook page and follow us for all of our new and exciting news!

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