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California Balsamic

We make custom blended balsamic vinegar and oils.

After teaching American Cuisine in Osaka, Japan, I found this company for sale in the newspaper. After buying the business and totally failing with the original product line, I started blending oils and balsamic vinegar. They became a big hit and I have doing new flavors ever since.

The business is 31 years old and I have been blending balsamic vinegar for 17 years.

I have always been working in the food industry my entire life. From dishwasher in a restaurant, to busboy, server, banquets and fine dining. I simply like to cook and eat.

Creating new flavors that help people eat healthier is always a motivating factor.

Our facility is in beautiful, downtown, Ukiah, CA. @ 966 Mazzoni St.#2-B Direct line 707 367-0155, www.californiabalsamic.com​

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