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Diane's Sweet Heat

Diane’s Sweet Heat began with two friends in the kitchen, cooking up a spicy-sweet gift to give to friends and family. Soon, their habanero jam was a holiday staple. Over the years, Diane perfected the recipe until she’d arrived at the perfect balance of spice and sweet, the perfect treat for friends and family. Our jams maintain that intimate sensibility today. We continue to cook the jam in small batches without any artificial flavors or colors, ensuring that each jar maintains the same excellent standard of quality—if we wouldn’t be proud to give it to our closest friends and family, it’s not good enough for you.

Our jams come in four delectable flavors year round: mango, blackberry, raspberry and peach. Cranberry habanero jam is available throughout the winter holiday season.

Their uses are seemingly endless, and years after we gave away our first jar, friends are still coming to us with new and inventive recipes for our jams. It’s excellent as a glaze or marinade for every meat imaginable, as a filling in cookies or cakes, when paired with cheese, swirled into ice cream, or simply spread over toast and cream cheese.

Though we’ve spent years achieving the complex flavor of our signature sweet heat, our ingredients remain simple: red bell peppers, pure cane sugar, fruit, apple cider vinegar, fruit pectin and habanero peppers. Not only are they all natural, they are gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, low sugar, and low carbohydrate.

You can find our jams throughout Northern California and beyond in many of the natural and specialty food stores.

Check out our website for more information and recipe ideas:


Diane Hunt Diane's Sweet Heat 707-599-5559 www.dianessweetheat.com

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