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Torrone di Talarico

Italian mothers are famous for their fabulous cooking and special recipes passed down to family members. When my mother-in-law gave me her closely held recipe for torrone, an Italian nougat candy, I was thrilled. With her blessing I started Torrone di Talarico using her secret recipe and featuring her maiden name. I make each small batch of this artisan candy by hand and am proud to share this "not too sweet" treat with a rapidly growing fan base.

Fig Twig shoppers will have many choices of delicious flavors to sample and take home this year: Almond, Pistachio-Cranberry- Almond, Peppermint, and Choc-Hazel-Nut that has Nutella marbled in it. I look forward to sharing the flavors of my family with yours!

More information about Torrone di Talarico can be found on Facebook or contact me, Julie Mastroni, directly at juliemastroni@gmail.com

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